Field Service Engineer – IMES Training Student

“The IMES CT training course was designed with the FSE in mind. Every aspect of this organization, from ordering parts, to the training and tecnical support are top notch.”

Installation Project Manager

“International Medical Equipment and Service, Inc. (IMES) provides reliable, cost-saving solutions for each phase of the imaging equipment lifecycle.  Whether you are upgrading to a new system, selling or trading your current one, looking for parts to maintain it or need assistance on de-installation or transport, we can help you find the best answer. Watch this short video to learn more about IMES. In just 5 minutes, you will get to know our team, our facilities and our core values!”

CT Modality Manager

“We had initially chosen another equipment dealer who could not fulfill their obligations at the last minute. When we called on IMES to consider a Siemens 64 slice CT that needed to be purchased and removed quickly for the Aquilion ONE installation, you came through for us.”

Imaging Manager

“After having worked with IMES on several occasions, we have found you and your colleagues to be a reliable and a trusted solution for our trade-in systems.”

VP Asset Management

“While I have a very extensive database, I have utilized the IMES services on a repeat basis due to the professional manner in which the projects are handled and the timeliness of completion.”

Project Manager – Parts

“We are so very thrilled to learn you are here in the Carolinas, just down the street from us. It is incredibly valuable to have a local company on our side.”

Purchasing Manager

“You have stepped up to the plate on numerous occasions to help us out. From providing quotes on short notice for equipment, to somehow finding value for our trade-in; it makes a huge difference when we need a little help and we know we can count on you.”

Senior Project Manager – Installation

“I have been in medical imaging for 19 years on the project management side of system removals, used installations and new installations, and I have dealt with many third-party removal companies over the years with disappointing results. But your attention to customer-specific requests and sales directives, as well as your continual punctuality, has been critical to the success of my company.”

Service Manager

“I would like to thank you for the quick response that I got from your company. The boards arrived on time and were professionally packaged. After seeing how much attention to detail your company gave to my parts request, I can see it is going to be pleasure continuing to do future business with IMES.”

Senior Account Executive

“It helps to have a Partner like you in the business. I will continue to use you and your resources in the future because you continuously deliver credibility and professionalism.”

Account Executive

“We were extremely satisfied with the de-installation crew’s degree of professionalism and punctuality—even the cleanliness of the room after the job was complete. I want to extend our appreciation to you for such a great job. It helps to have a Partner like you in the business!”

Cardiac Modality Manager

“What a pleasure it is to work with someone of the IMES caliber. You bring integrity to each transaction – it is amazing to me that you stick to your agreements, even when it costs you personally and as a company, when others would cut and run. It is very comforting to know that you consider us a Partner.”

Asset Manager

“Working with IMES, their bids are always competitive, and often the highest. They don’t low-bid initially, and I have total confidence that IMES is a trustworthy organization.”

Project Manager

“I have never been treated any kinder by a company! Always prompt and always honest—got to love it.”

Sales & Purchasing Agent

“I really appreciate your help on this replacement part and your fast response. It is always a pleasure working with you guys.”

International Client

“We got the Asteion S4, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was crated perfectly and the system looks very good. Thank you so much for such a nice unit!”

Program Manager

“I received comments from my Logistics Manager and Biomedical Maintenance Manager that they are extremely pleased with the service that your company provided and that the packaging was the best they’ve seen. Thank you again for your great service!”