Trey McIntyre, Executive Vice President, Richardson Healthcare & GM, IMES
(704) 739-3597 x4000
Skype: imesimaging
Yahoo: tmcintyre@imesimaging

As owner and President, Trey gets pulled in every direction. He’s at full throttle as IMES thrives – but rapid growth is a welcome challenge and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Not-so-secretly, all he really wants to do is work with our customers. He takes joy in being able to support our partners and sincerely cares about their success. Trey’s passion and character are the framework of our office, as well as the source of our great reputation throughout the industry.

Patti Hinson, Director of Operations
(704) 739-3597 x4004

Patti has been with IMES for 7 years, and it is hard to imagine how our company ever ran without her. Our office is a well-oiled machine thanks to her hard work and dedication. Especially in this time of expansion, her steady hand is a crucial asset.

Derek Stovesand, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
(704) 739-3597 x4010

Derek claims he has the easiest job at IMES. When a company always goes the extra mile for the customer, acts with integrity and offers a truly superior product, the message creates itself. All he has to do is make sure the industry hears about it.

John Hollis, Director of Warehouse Operations
(704) 739-3597 x4021

Inventory management is the lifeblood of our operations, and it couldn’t be in better hands. Understanding inventory is a great skill, but understanding its role in our overall customer experience is invaluable. Having the replacement part in stock, ready to ship for when our customer needs it, and ensuring it works upon arrival—that’s John’s handiwork.

Jessica Payne, Project Coordinator
(704) 739-3597 x4011

Jessica started at IMES only two weeks before we joined the Richardson Healthcare family. She was crucial to our seamless integration, and continues to be a rock for our team. Every department relies on her daily, as do our customers. Her ability to carry a project through to the finish, great attitude, and team mindset make IMES and Richardson better.

Barry Williams, Warehouse Supervisor
(704) 739-3597 x4009

Barry takes great care in shipping and receiving our inventory, and is a large part of why our warehouse functions so well. He has been with us for three years, starting with the mammoth task of moving IMES into our current facility. (We invite you to come see his handiwork…) When your part or equipment is delivered, take note of the wonderful packing or crating job he did for you!

Beverly Jones, Account Representative
(704) 739-3597 x4008
Skype: bjonesimesimaging
Yahoo: bjones.imesimaging

Sincere, reliable and prompt are all too often empty adjectives in customer service, but for 5 years now, Beverly has been going beyond the traditional customer service role. Whether it’s a handwritten note of thanks or a phone call just to check in, she truly cares for our customers and cherishes our relationships.

Dean Clark, Inside Sales Team Leader
(704) 259-4024
Skype: dclark.imesimaging
Yahoo: dclark_imesimaging

Dean serves our customers with product knowledge and creative solutions. He is great resource for service techs and purchasing staff throughout the ordering process, and we are proud to have his expertise and customer dedication on our Team.

KP Barnette, Inventory Control Specialist
(704) 739-3597

KP is the anchor of our Warehouse Team, and his contributions are evident throughout our facility. He is a go-to guy in the warehouse, whether it’s handling inventory, identifying parts, crating systems, or tackling special projects. Every team has its utility player – KP is ours.

Omar Lainez, Account Rep. for Latin America
(704) 259-4007

With Omar’s help, we’ve been able to serve the Latin American market as their need for high-quality, cost-effective equipment continues to grow. Our international customers enjoy working with Omar for his passion and expertise–proven assets in any part of the world.