International Medical Equipment and Service, A Division of Richardson Healthcare (NASDAQ: RELL) provides reliable, cost-saving solutions for each phase of the imaging equipment lifecycle.  Whether you are upgrading to a new system, selling or trading your current one, looking for parts to maintain it or need assistance on de-installation or transport, we can help you find the best answer. Meet the IMES Team that is truly dedicated to learning your needs and developing a solution that best serves your business.

Hometown Feel

The world is indeed shrinking, but that does not mean every business treats you like a neighbor.  Customer service is often the first thing to get pushed aside as technology and convenience become fixtures in the marketplace. But at IMES, we take pride in regarding each of our Partners as if we were just a few blocks apart.  We have found that courtesy and respect know no address.

Global Reach

Our headquarters may be in the United States, but our true capability cannot be so easily pinned on a map. In more than 93 countries, our Partners entrust IMES to deliver imaging systems and parts because our services – from de-installation to crating and shipping – are second to no one. Our results are the same whether you are in Missouri or Mozambique: Reliable.

Our Warehouse

With 24,000 square feet of climate-controlled space, IMES offers an enormous inventory, as well as on-site Test Bays and Mobile Storage.  Replacement parts and complete systems are readily available simply because we can keep more in stock, and we acquire new equipment daily.  Our QA Test Bays provide peace of mind that few others can claim, because we know that if you need a replacement part or system and uptime is critical, you cannot afford to risk it being DOA.  Come see our facility for yourself—visitors are welcome at any time and we certainly don’t mind showing it off!