Jan 27, 2016 in IMES Messages, News, Trade Shows

IMES at ECR 2016

We know the healthcare landscape in Europe is shifting as cost pressures are mounting. Providers are being pushed to rethink and restructure budgets, yet improve patient care. We’ve seen this shift domestically in the United States, and know what it takes for in-house service teams or a third-party to be cost efficient and successful. Skill levels of engineers, quality parts availability, and ongoing support are crucial

We believe ECR 2016 serves as a milestone; this is when and where alternative service providers find their footing.

As devoted advocates of alternative service, we are proud to bring imaging parts availability, service training, and support to Europe.

What our European HQ means for our customers:

  • Faster delivery of QA3 parts – Arrival in hours, not days
  • Technical support from six decades of expertise
  • Reduced duties and taxes on parts purchases
  • Core exchanges can be shipped back to our Amsterdam facility instead of the US

Discover A Better Choice at ECR 2016 – Visit Booth #42 to learn more

No need to wait for the Grand Opening this spring! We already have inventory in Amsterdam ready to ship when you need it.

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