Jun 24, 2016 in CT Service Training, Testimonials
No Substitute for Hands-On Training

We know we serve our students best by offering as much hands-on time in the Toshiba Aquilion Training Bays as possible. To best prepare engineers for the field, there is no substitute for experience with the actual CT in a live scanning environment, simulating real world situations.

Lab work is an integral part of our two-week curriculum, so students will spend at least 50% of course time inside the Training Bays. They troubleshoot, identify error codes, make repairs, conduct PMs–and much more.

“We want you to see it here in the IMES Training Bays before you see it in the field.”

Our graduates consistently tell us that it’s their favorite part of the IMES course, and gives them the confidence they need.


In Their Own Words

Training Survey Excerpt_3

“The proximity of the Test Bays to the classroom”

Training Survey Excerpt_2

“Training bays”

Training Survey Excerpt_6

“All hands on and practical”

Training Survey Excerpt_5

“Hands-on access to equipment”

Training Survey Excerpt_4

“The control room with scanner”