I know you have more Toshiba parts in stock than other providers, but do you also carry parts from other OEMs?

We sure do! Our quality assurance and availability goes well beyond Toshiba. Contact us with ALL your parts and equipment needs, including Siemens, Philips, GE, Hitachi and more. Reach us anytime using our PARTS HOTLINE: (704) 739-3597 Option 3.

My imaging equipment is old and likely has no value – do you really want to buy it?

We know the market very well, and can often find value where others cannot. Don’t let your equipment be undervalued! Our only goal is maximize your return by giving you a thorough appraisal, fair valuation, then following through. You are sure to find other vendors’ estimates ranging from offensively low to absurdly inflated. Count on IMES to be accurate and trustworthy when you are trading in or selling your imaging system.

Go to the Four Corners of the IMES Globe for more information about Pre-owned Purchases.

Can you help with the removal of my current equipment? And can you handle installation of my recent purchase?

Absolutely. We work with you to learn more about your specific needs based on your facility, deadlines and patient scheduling. From there, our crews will prove to be completely professional; they work clean, fast and at your convenience. Your business or practice deserves the utmost respect, and you will find the site to be left in great condition.

Logistical Solutions make up a Corner of the IMES Globe – we can also support you with storage and transportation options, as well as in-house financing. See the Four Corners page for more details!

What makes you so sure my part will work when it arrives?

Our certainty comes from our QA process as well as our technical expertise. We have carefully created testing procedures to ensure that only the highest quality parts ever ship from our warehouse. The IMES Team has years of experience working across all modalities and technology platforms. This knowledge becomes increasingly valuable as compatibility issues surge in the replacement parts market.

Do you offer service for my diagnostic imaging equipment?

You can rely on us to provide excellent technical support, but we do not offer service. We have great relationships with service organizations and the engineers that can maintain and repair your equipment, and wouldn’t want to compete against their businesses. We would be happy to assist you in finding the best fit and price for your needs.