Jun 24, 2016 in IMES Messages, News, Uncategorized
Celebrating 1 Year With Richardson Healthcare

This week we celebrated the first anniversary of joining Richardson Healthcare. While it feels like only yesterday, we’ve taken a step back to reflect what this year has been all about, what we’re most proud of in this short time, and what’s coming next.

Celebrating with BBQ, which should surprise no one

Celebrating with BBQ, which should surprise no one

First and foremost, getting to know and collaborating with the exceptional team from Richardson Healthcare has been the standout. For more than a decade, IMES had crafted a company culture centered on the dualistic ideas of both family-focus and individual leadership, and serving both customers and teammates. By that measure, the fit with Richardson couldn’t be better.

Just some of what we achieved this year:

  • EU Support: Opened training and parts operations in Amsterdam
  • Global Logistics: Improved international support, including customs-cleared inventory and local exchanges
  • Tube Solutions: Introduced a different class of CPO X-ray tubes to the market from the leading experts at the Richardson Healthcare manufacturing facility

Our customers and partners have been incredible, and stuck with us through the integration. We’ve worked hard to ensure the transition would be invisible to them; same people, same experience—just maybe some extra benefits!

The question we got most often was, “What are you doing next? What are your plans?

And that’s the fun part. The answer is, “A lot.” Over the next 12 months we will be launching:

  • Toshiba Aquilion Prime CT training
  • MRI Coil solutions
  • Philips CT Parts Program (built in the mirror image of our leading Toshiba CT program)
  • Expanded Toshiba MRI inventory

Here are some quick thoughts from IMES team members:

“The culture at IMES has always been a family atmosphere where taking care of our customers comes first.”  – Dean Clark, Sales Team Leader

“The next year will be even better! I can’t wait!” – Beverly Jones, Account Representative

“The best thing is that we still work for a company that truly cares about its employees. That’s remained exactly the same between IMES and Richardson.” – KP Barnette, Warehouse Associate

“It’s been so great to have the help and support of the Richardson team during our year of transition to new processes. What we’ve accomplished in 12 months should say it all.” – Patti Hinson, Director of Operations

“Since joining the Richardson family, the resources for the Heat Exchangers have grown, which has only improved a product we were already so proud of.” – Ted Drahusz, Technical Associate

Thank you again to everyone—both our customers and the Richardson team. Here’s to building upon what we’ve started!