Dec 23, 2015 in IMES Messages

Christmas Option 2 (1)

When we joined the Richardson Healthcare family six months ago, we took great care to reach our customers with the message that this acquisition was a change for the better. As all of us in this industry can attest, acquisitions can mean a sea change for one side, and heaps of administrative bottlenecks for the other. Too often the customer is left without the support they’ve come to rely upon.

More than half a year has passed and we’re happy to share that the IMES team remains unchanged (well, we’ve grown by a few talented folks). We are proud to be delivering on the promise that the acquisition means more products for our customer, greater value, and even better quality. All with the same team.

Every account representative you’ve worked with before is still available to you. The engineers with six decades of experience that created our training course and authored 2,000 pages of invaluable manuals and labs are still teaching, and still offering tech support. Our QA3 quality program has been enhanced by the industry-renowned team at Richardson Electronics. The customer service, expertise, and quality which have been our bedrock are still firmly in place.

What a Year It Will Be

We are thrilled to get to be a part of Richardson Healthcare’s early stages: the founding of a superior quality supplier, built by a team of respected industry veterans who have helped shape the imaging landscape.

We will be advocates for alternative service and products—a true resource for healthcare providers as they take measures to save costs while improving patient outcomes.

Watch for us to grow quickly as we continue to align our experience and expertise, and expect to hear from us often as we bring new products to our partners.

Thank you in advance for an incredible 2016! We appreciate you being with us during such an exciting time.